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Invisalign® clear aligners have revolutionized orthodontic treatment — and thanks to their virtually invisible design, they’ve also changed the way people feel about having their teeth straightened. More than 8 million teens and adults have turned to Invisalign to get straighter teeth and more beautiful smiles, and more patients have Invisalign treatment every year. If you’re wondering if Glendale Invisalign can help you improve the way your smile looks, here’s what you should know about these popular clear aligners.

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How do Invisalign clear aligners work?

Invisalign aligners are made of a patented material called SmartTrackTM, a product of more than a decade of dedicated research. SmartTrack is designed to be easily molded into custom aligners using computer technology. The shape of each aligner is slightly different — and it’s these differences that move your teeth during your treatment.

You’ll wear your aligners for 20-22 hours each day, taking them out only to eat and to brush your teeth. While you’re wearing them, your aligners are hard at work, exerting gentle, continual pressure on your teeth — all the way down to the roots — so your teeth move into their ideal locations. Most patients can complete their treatment in less time and with less discomfort compared to traditional braces.

Benefits of Invisalign

Of course, Invisalign’s clear design means your aligners will be virtually invisible while you’re wearing them, so you can feel confident about the way your smile looks all the way through your treatment. But that’s just one benefit of “invisible braces.” With Glendale Invisalign, you get these benefits, too:

  • Each aligner is custom fit to snugly follow the curves and contours of your teeth, so they’re really comfortable.
  • The smooth design means you won’t have to worry about sore spots from brackets or wires.
  • Since you’ll remove your aligners for meals, you can eat whatever you like — there are no dietary restrictions like you’d have with braces.
  • Caring for your smile is easy, too — just slip your aligners off to brush and floss.
  • You won’t have to visit us as often as you would with traditional braces.
  • Most people finish treatment in under two years — and some in as little as 12 to 18 months.

With all those benefits, it’s easy to see why Invisalign Glendale AZ is a popular choice with both teens and adults.

What bite issues can Glendale Invisalign correct?

Invisalign aligners are used to treat all sorts of spacing and alignment issues, including:

  • Overcrowding
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Open bites
  • Crooked teeth

Today’s aligners can treat multiple issues, and special features like “break-out” tabs and SmartForceTM enhancement ensure truly custom care for every patient.

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What happens during Glendale Invisalign treatment?

Your treatment begins by gathering data about your teeth and your bite pattern, using a series of measurements and digital images. The data are sent to a special lab where your aligners are fabricated using state-of-the-art computer-aided design technology. Computer software develops a series of 3-D virtual models that show how your teeth need to move to bring your teeth and your bite into alignment. Next, those 3D models are used to create your unique aligners — as few as a dozen and as many as 40 or more, depending on your needs.

Each aligner in your series will be slightly different. During treatment, you’ll wear each set of aligners for one or two weeks before changing them out for the next set in the series. Worn in a specific sequence, the aligners keep your teeth moving in the right directions to bring them into alignment. You’ll visit us about once every ten weeks so we can check your progress and make any necessary adjustments. Another benefit of Glendale Invisalign: You won’t have any uncomfortable adjustments to think about.

Are Invisalign aligners hard to care for?

Not at all; in fact, all it takes is a simple brushing to keep your aligners looking their best. A few more tips:

  • Be sure to rinse after meals and snacks, before reinserting your aligners. Rinsing your mouth gets rid of food particles that might get trapped between your aligners and your teeth, detracting from your beautiful smile.
  • While it’s OK to drink some beverages while you’re wearing aligners, you should take them out if the drink contains deep colors. That’s because deeply-pigmented drinks like red wine or coffee could lightly stain your aligners, making them more visible. If you do wind up staining your aligners, remember: You’ll soon swap them out for the next set in your series.
  • Keep your aligners in their special case during meals and while brushing. The case is designed to keep them protected so you avoid bending or damaging them.
  • Use mouthwash to rinse your aligners after cleaning for an added burst of freshness.

Can Invisalign improve my oral health?

Most people think of the cosmetic benefits of orthodontics, but having your teeth straightened may improve your oral health, as well. That’s because straighter teeth are just easier to care for with regular brushing and flossing, and there are fewer nooks and crevices where bacteria and food particles can hide. That means you can reduce your risks of cavities and gum disease, a leading cause of tooth loss. Plus, having your teeth straightened can reduce your risk for bite-related issues that can cause uneven tooth wear, chronic jaw pain, headaches and a painful condition called temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ.

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As a leading provider of Invisalign treatment, we help patients in and around Glendale, AZ, get the care they need for beautiful, healthy smiles that can last a lifetime. To learn more about the Invisalign system and how it can help you look and feel your confident best, call us at 602-864-0004 and schedule your consultation today.