Nearly everyone wants a straight beautiful smile. Unfortunately, nature does not always provide perfect teeth. With the help of a Phoenix orthodontist, it is possible to correct the alignment of the teeth to improve ones ability to bite and chew foods while also providing a great smile.

Although orthodontic therapy can enhance the smile regardless of the age, there is a best time in life for the services. Patients who have braces at this optimal time have the best results with the least amount of expense and time involved. Children should have an initial exam at the first sign of possible problems and no later than age seven. While it may not yet be time for braces, the dental care professional can recommend the best time to begin.

With early intervention, the orthodontic doctor can prevent serious problems later. In addition, the teeth are monitored as they grow into the mouth, allowing correction for protruding front teeth, creation of facial symmetry, and preserving space for teeth that have not yet erupted. These steps can reduce the need for removing permanent teeth and the time needed with braces.

Today, braces are also used with adults. As long as the gums and bone structure are healthy, it is possible for the alignment of teeth to be changed at any age. In addition to improving one’s personal appearance and self-confidence, correcting these problems may improve the health.

There are more options in braces today than ever before. In some cases, correction is possible with invisible braces applied to the back of the teeth. Patients of all ages can benefit from the help of an orthodontic dentist.

Although the best time for an orthodontic exam is early in a child’s life, a Phoenix orthodontist offers help for individuals of all ages. It is possible to improve the appearance and the patient’s health with properly aligned teeth. Orthodontics can benefit people of all ages.

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