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1. SCHEDULE FREE CONSULT Schedule your free consultation using our Online Calendar.  

2. FREE EXAM & DIGITAL X-RAY Dr. Dunn will conduct an exam including Digital X-Ray to map out a treatment plan. 

3. GET STARTED ON YOUR NEW SMILE! Start on your new confident smile! You can even start the SAME DAY as your consult!

Best Orthodontist in Phoenix

Visiting the best orthodontist in Phoenix may provide a number of benefits for those who need a higher level of dental care than a dentist can offer. Often, when there are teeth alignment concerns, the use of a 5-Star Phoenix orthodontist is beneficial. It may lead to significant improvement not just in the way a smile looks but also in overall oral health. There are a few things to know when it comes to scheduling an appointment with an orthodontist in Phoenix.

What Does a Phoenix Orthodontist Do?

Orthodontists and dentists are professionals who specialize in oral health, but they have a different focus. General dentistry providers, or dentists, typically handle diagnosing and treating conditions related to a person’s teeth, gums, and overall mouth. They help with preventative dental care while also helping with cavities and gum disease treatment.

When you turn to an orthodontist in Phoenix, you’ll work with a professional that has additional education and training above and beyond a dentist. Their additional training relates to diagnosing and treating conditions related to tooth and jaw misalignments. The best orthodontist in Phoenix may be able to help with treatment such as the following:
-Overseeing the growth and development of tooth alignment in children, including the jawline and bite, especially in those who may have the potential for complications
-Diagnosing and treating malocclusion, a condition in which the teeth and jaw do not align properly
-Treatment of misalignment using a range of services, including the use of braces
-Utilization of dental appliances for misalignment correction, including Phoenix braces, expanders, headgear, and others
-Perform or advise on surgical procedures related to teeth straightening

When Should You See a Phoenix Orthodontist?

It’s often best to seek out the help of an orthodontist in Phoenix at the first sign of tooth misalignment. Often, early treatment allows for more options in correction and, in some cases, the avoidance of complications. Many times, a routine visit to the dentist may involve the use of x-rays. This is a good way for dentists to catch the early signs of alignment problems. That’s when the recommendation of seeking out the best orthodontist in Phoenix typically makes sense.

It’s also important to consider a routine check-up with a Phoenix orthodontist by the age of 7 for most children. This allows for a professional to take a closer look at the incoming adult teeth while some baby teeth remain in place. This may allow for the early detection of problems.

Adults can use the services of an orthodontist, too. Many times, treatment options exist for the misalignment of adult teeth, though the process is often more complex when a person is older. Newer treatment options can help improve a person’s smile well into their 20s and 30s. However, early treatment is typically best as it offers for a better level of support and care.

Consider visiting the best orthodontist in Arizona for any needs, including:
-Underbites, when the lower jaw extends beyond the upper teeth
-Overbites, when the upper jaw extends further out from the lower jaw
-Tooth overlapping
-Jaw alignment problems
-Crooking teeth

If you suspect or know these problems exist, seeking out treatment may provide a wide range of benefits to a person.

How Much Are Braces Based on the Type?

One of the biggest factors that play a role in how much do braces cost is the type selected. Sometimes, the type is based on recommendations from your orthodontist because one form may work better than another in your situation. However, there are some basic details about the average cost of orthodontics to take into consideration. Here is a look at some of the costs based on several types of braces. Keep in mind these are ranges and may not reflect local costs to you.

What Can the Best Orthodontist in Phoenix Do for Your Needs?

The main services provided by a Phoenix orthodontist include:
-Straightening the teeth to create a more natural alignment
-Correct problems with a bite to make chewing more effective
-Closing the gaps located between teeth or properly aligning them one next to the other
Aligning the teeth and lips properly

-To do this, there are many services that an orthodontist may offer. Some examples of those include the following.

Braces in Phoenix

One of the most common tools for improving alignment problems is the use of braces in Phoenix AZ. Phoenix braces are designed to apply pressure, though gently, to the teeth to shift them into the proper alignment and position. Phoenix braces are used for many reasons, such as to align the upper and lower jaw and to straighten teeth as they continue to grow in.

When it comes to braces in Phoenix, AZ, there are various types available. Metal braces are one of the most common options. These are designed to be placed onto the surface of the teeth. Over time, they are adjusted to keep gently moving the teeth into the proper position.

Ceramic braces are another form. They are a bit more fragile, but they can be harder to see. These Phoenix braces can work in the same way to move the teeth into the right position by applying pressure to them through the use of fixtures added to the teeth.

Clear tray aligners are another form. This type is a bit different because it allows for a tray to be fitted over the existing teeth. The trays are custom designed to fit the specific model of your mouth with the corrections necessary built into them. They are hard to see and, in some cases, they are easy to remove for proper dental cleaning.

For many people who need braces in Phoenix, the first step is to set up a consultation with the best orthodontist in Arizona to start discussing the options. It’s an opportunity to discuss all of the options for correcting your smile.

Dental Appliances

Some orthodontists also help by providing access to dental appliances. These may be placed into the mouth to prevent the tongue from slipping backward and blocking the airway. Other solutions are available as well, including spacers and retainers. Your dental team can provide more insight to you about your needs for these services.

What Are the Benefits of Turning to the Best Orthodontist in Arizona?

A misalignment of the teeth may not seem like a big deal, especially if it is not one that is significantly noticeable. However, all alignment problems can lead to bigger problems later.

For many people, alignment issues can cause a higher risk of the development of gum disease and periodontal disease. That’s because teeth that overlap or gaps in a smile make it easier for plaque to build up. These areas are also traditionally harder to maintain.

It’s also important to consider the benefits of orthodontic care for those who have a significantly misshapen smile. This may improve not just chewing ability but also give a person the confidence they need to smile as often as they would like to.

How to Choose the Best Orthodontist in Phoenix for Your Needs

Whether you know you need braces in Phoenix or you are looking for help with minimizing the need for treatment in a child, finding the right provider is important. Most often, the best orthodontist in Arizona is one that offers modern treatments and a variety of solutions for your dental needs. Everyone’s dental needs are a bit different, but a quality professional will work hard to ensure that your needs are always fully met.

When it comes to braces in Phoenix, AZ, make sure to learn what types of Phoenix braces are available and how they work. Often, the orthodontist will have examples on hand to offer as guidance and insight into what to expect. Over the course of a few months or a few years, many people – children and adults themselves – may see significant improvement in their smile. Seek out a professional you can trust with a solid reputation to help you get the smile you desire.